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RonCN and her circumstances

The birth of 時人

4 March
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RonCN is a Spanish author right out of the realms of higher education. She hopes the School of Translation has not turned her brain into goo, and she has the intention of writing original fiction once again now that the whole ordeal is over and she can focus into making money out of her rather wild imagination.

She wants to share her stories because she's bored of having them collecting dust on a corner of her overused mind. Also, she hopes to learn how to write better, and to master English language up to a certain point - she has discovered that the English market of fiction is better than the Spanish one by a few leagues. To achieve this, of course, she would need reviews, comments, networking... Just as any other author.


Or those little things about RonCN's life that you never wondered about, but that she wants to share with you anyway.

-RonCN is trying to get her education over and done with, she's trying to write an original fiction in Spanish for publishing purposes, she's ready to undertake the tremendous task of writing two fanfictions simultaneously... and because she had some free time, she decided to start learning Japanese.

-RonCN has no talent whatsoever for drawing. Still, she has got it in her mind to learn, and even hosts her attempts on the web (she's really shameless). See her homepage and judge yourself. Furthermore, she's so serious about developing this non-existent talent of hers that she's been given a wacom tablet this Christmas: improvement is expected to be achieved soon.

-RonCN is a procastinator. She can't sit still for more than one hour straight. She suspects that's the reason behind the slow progess of her works. She's trying to improve her concentration abilities through the practice of Tai Chi, but until now the activity is only succeeding in taking up more of her writing time.

Feel free to start talking to RonCN. Even though she has a habit of talking about herself in the third person on her profile pages, she's not quite mad and is quite easy to get along with (^^)